WAC - Waterapplicatiecentrum
Jan en Ane Melein
"HydrowashR has rented facilities at the Waterapplicatiecentrum (WAC) to house the development of sustainable manual washing. Now that the accommodation is well taken care of, we can focus 100% on development."
Jan en Ane Melein / HydrowashR

What we do

The WAC facilitates the business community and education with infrastructure and equipment for conducting research. In addition to infrastructure, WAC provides technical support for the construction and maintenance
of testing set-ups, analysis support, procurement, service and safety.

Businesses, institutions and organisations can turn to the WAC for the research facilities that they themselves don't have in order to perform (large-scale) research.


Network for advice and assistance

The WAC is located on the WaterCampus in Leeuwarden and provides physical substantiation to the chain of innovation. The WaterCampus functions as an important link
in strengthening the power of innovation and the valorisation capacity of the top sector Water. By being part of the chain of innovation, the WAC maintains good contacts with other parties on the WaterCampus. The WAC provides a physical contribution to the European Water Technology Hub.


You get both optimum use of the network and access to qualified talent. In a real-life setting at the WAC, students - from the Hogeschool VHL and the NHL Hogeschool's Life Sciences & Technology department,
for example - can get a practical education, conduct experiments and perform research together with you using the latest technologies.

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