WAC - Waterapplicatiecentrum
Jan en Ane Melein
"HydrowashR has rented facilities at the Waterapplicatiecentrum (WAC) to house the development of sustainable manual washing. Now that the accommodation is well taken care of, we can focus 100% on development."
Jan en Ane Melein / HydrowashR

Our clients

Many clients in the water sector, (semi-) governmental partners and the business community make use of the WAC. Below is a selection of the organisations that already use our services.

  • Hogeschool VHL
  • NHL Hogeschool
  • Nordwin College
  • Wetsus
  • Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW)
  • HydrowashR
  • Magneto Special Anodes
  • Feyecon
  • Holland Water Technology
  • DOC Kaas
  • Paques
  • Oosterhof Holman
  • Biotrack
  • Mastivax
  • Wafilin Systems BV
  • Dairy Campus
  • GeoChem
  • Sustec
  • Econvert
  • Water Waves
  • Pure Green Technologies
  • Dirkse Milieutechniek
  • Liquid Filtration Systems