WAC - Waterapplicatiecentrum
Jan en Ane Melein
"HydrowashR has rented facilities at the Waterapplicatiecentrum (WAC) to house the development of sustainable manual washing. Now that the accommodation is well taken care of, we can focus 100% on development."
Jan en Ane Melein / HydrowashR

Who we are


The Waterapplicatiecentrum (WAC) is a fully equipped centre where businesses, knowledge institutions and other organisations can conduct experiments (or have them be performed) in the area of water technology.
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What we do

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The WAC facilitates the business community and education with infrastructure and equipment for conducting research. In addition to infrastructure, WAC provides technical support for the construction and maintenance of testing set-ups.
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Facilities are required for innovation and product development. Businesses, knowledge institutions and other organisations can turn to the WAC for the research facilities that they themselves don't have.
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Drinking water

Dutch drinking water is among the best in the world.
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Without water, no agriculture. That's why a proper water table and a balanced water inventory are of crucial importance. Read more


The energy sector is searching for alternative ways to generate energy.
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The textile industry uses water intensively. Manufacturers rinse and clean the various materials and fabrics. Read more